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Jorge Raka, Peruvian artist lives and works in the Canton of Wallis, Switzerland. His artistic practice is character-ized by “tasteless aesthetics,” which are popular culture references that absorb and reconfigure his work. Despite a frivolous, raw, casual and angry appearance, the artist explores social and personal territories, themes that range from vio-lence to migration. He creates pieces from familiar mixtures, avoiding a didactic attitude, but unifie with sensations of the tragi-comic and macabre. Raka has shown his work at the Bogotá International Independ-ent Film Festival, ICPNA Lima Awards, Biennial of Independ-ent Spaces of Geneva with MACACO Press, Cantonal Museum of Art of Valais, Art Center of Neuchâtel, Mario Kreuzberg SALT-CITY and is finalist for the Swiss Art Awards 2024.
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